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HTHP Dynamic Filter Press, Drilling Fluids Test Instrument

HTHP dynamic water loss tester

Model: GGSD71B


The HTHP dynamic filter press is used to simulate the filtration quantity of drilling liquid and mud in the well under high temperature and pressure. It’s suitable for the following condition:

1. Working temperature within 232℃, the mud cup max working pressure<7.1Mpa, the filtration pressure difference is 3.5Mpa, the filtration area is 22.6cm², the static water loss and the formed mud cake thickness after 30mins.

2. Working temperature within 150℃, the mud cup max working pressure <7.1Mpa, the filtration pressure is 3.5Mpa, the filtration area is 22.6 cm², the static water loss and the formed mud cake thickness after 30mins.

3. The double-layer filter screen can meet the mud testing needs.

Technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC 220V±5%, 50Hz, power 1.2KW

2. Speed regulation range: stepless speed-regulation to 1200rpm

3. Air resource: N2 or CO2 not include oil, water and other impurity, not allowed to use oxygen. 4.The heater will rise to 200℃ 30 mins after power connected.

5.Static water loss test working temperature ≤ 232℃; dynamic water loss test temperature≤ 150℃ 6.After temperature reached, The heater temperature change ≤ ±3℃, drilling liquid room ≤2℃ 7.Filtration area: 22.6cm²

8. Mud cup safe working pressure: 8.5Mpa

9. Return pressure receiver safe working pressure: 5Mpa

10. Mud cup volume: 500ml

11. Return-pressure receiver volume: 95ml

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