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HTHP Consistometer For Oil-well Cement

HTHP consistometer for oil-well cementoil-well cement Consistometer

Model: HTD-8040/8040D


The HTHP Consistometer is specially used to test the oil-well cement thickening time, also this equipment can make specimen for test of cement paste, viscosity, water loss, rheology.


MCU control

Temperature digital display

Programmable temperature control, suitable for multi kinds of requirements

Pressure vessel made of special alloy

SUS cabinet, easy to clean, corrosion resistant

High power heater, fast temperature rise

Adjustable consistency alarm

Pressure vessel has cooling jacket, short cooling time

Metal high pressure sealing, reliable, easy replacement

HTD5270 Data acquisition & control system (optional)

Solid & durable in use

Magnetic transmission sealing, high reliability

Every equipment has been tested of max temperature, pressure, ensure stable & reliable performance

Technical specifications

Model HTD8040HTD8040D
Max working temperature 315 degree C
Max working pressure 275MPa
Heater power 5KW/5KW×2
Fluids rotation speed 150rpm
Consistency range 0-100Bc
Range white mineral oil

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