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Computerized Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine, Ropes/Belts tensile test

horizontal tensile testing machine 2

Model: WLW-500/1000/2000


The horizontal tensile testing machine is professional equipment for strength test of lifting belts, chains, ropes. The test space is step- adjustable manually, computer control and display the test process, automatic data management. It’s kind of common material testing machine.


1.Main machine

1.1. The main structure is made of welded steel plate frame, it’s consisted of chuck base, oil cylinder and beam,

1.2. Step space adjusting manually with the rear chuck base

1.3. Nice appearance, compact size, stable performance

2. Oil system( pump)

2.110L/min, 30Mpa constant pressure pump, low noise high pressure plunger pump

2.2. Vibration damper equipped with motor to reduce vibration and noise

2.3 whole-sealing standard oil tank

2.4. Temperature surpass, oil filter block, liquid level too low automatic stop or alarm function available

2.5 Pipeline system: the hydraulic pipeline of main oil tank loader and chuck actuator is connected with high pressure hose

Technical specifications

Model WLW-500 WLW-1000 WLW-2000
Max. test power 500kN 1000kN 2000kN
Test force range 10KN-500kN 20KN-1000kN 40KN-2000kN
Test force indication value accuracy ±1%
Displacement measure resolution 0.01mm
Test speed 0-80mm/min
Pull head no-load rapid feed rate >200mm/min
Test space( not include piston travel) 500-10000mm(500mm/step)
Piston travel 1100mm
Work centre height 350mm
Main machine overall size 9000x1200x500mm

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