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HBE-3000 Electric Brinell hardness meter

electric Brinell hardness meter



The electric Brinell hardness tester can test ferrous and non-ferrous metal Brinell hardness, it’s kind of common material hardness tester. It’s loaded by close-loop sensor, controlled by electric system. It features high accuracy, good repeatability and stable performance, easy in operation

Technical specifications

Brinell ruler: HBW2.5/62.5,HBW2.5/187.5,HBW5/125,HBW5/750,HBW10/100,HBW10/250,HBW10/500,HBW10/1000,HBW10/1500,HBW10/3000

Test power:

62.5kgf(612.9N),100kgf (980.7N),125kgf (1226N),187.5kgf (1839N),250kgf 250kgf  (2452N),500kgf (4903N),750kgf (7355N),1000kgf (8907N),1500kgf 1500kgf (14710N),3000kgf (29420N)

Max test range: 0.005mm

Max amplification times: 20X

Load keeping time: 5~60S

Overall size: 550×210×750mm(L*W*H)

Main machine weight: Approx 125kg

Specimen Max height: 230mm

Pressure head to wall distance: 135mm

Test range: 8~650HBW

Power supply: AC220V±5%,50~60Hz

Standard accessories


Hardened alloy ball pressure head: 2.5、5、10mm

Standard hardness block:2pcs

Large platform:1pc

Middle platform: 1pc

V type platform: 1pc

Power sully:1set

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