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Halogen rapid moisture meter( soil and other materials)

halogen rapid moisture meter

The XY-100 model halogen rapid moisture meter features rapid test, easy operation, high accuracy. It can indicate moisture content, drying index, testing time, temperature value etc.. Also can connect with PC, printer. It indicate the moisture loss percentage in real time, generally only need several mins can finish the test

Technical specifications

Model  XY-105MW   XY-102MW   XY-100MW
Max. Weight(g)  110   110  110
Reading accuracy(g)  0.005   0.002 0.001
Operation temperature   5°C-35°C
Display LCD
Calibration mode External calibration
Scale size(mm)  Φ90
Overall dimension  200*180*380(W*L*H)
Net weight(Kg)  5.8
Heating way Halogen lamp
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temperature range 40°C-199°C
Temperature interval 1°C
Moisture testable range 0.1%-100%
Moisture reading accuracy 0.01%
Drying residue scope 100.00%-0.00%
Drying residue readable 0.01%
ATRO 100%-999%
ATRO 0%-999%
Temperature setup 40°C-199°Cby1°Cstep
Time setup 1-99minby1sstep
Automatic stop 0.1%-9.9%within1min
Storage history 15
Heating part 220V+15%50Hz115V+15%400W
Connection part R232 port
Balance part External power, output power:9V output:220V+15%50Hz

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