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Gasoline Octane Number & Diesel Cetane Number Analyzer

gasoline octane number diesel cetane number analyzer


1. Test the octane number of aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, blended gasoline, ethanol gasoline

2. Test the cetane number of motor diesel


Precision sensor, advanced analysis technology, meets GB/T 5487、GB/T 503 standards

Colorful touch screen and digital processing technology, friendly display, good anti-inteference performance, high accuracy, good repeatability

Automatic assignment calibration technology, easy calibration procedure

Autoregression technology, subject to ASTM—CFR tester test data, thus improved the test accuracy, enlarged the testing range.

The gasoline octane number test can meanwhile obtain the RON, MON, AKI, synchronous display of the three parameters;

The diesel cetane number test directly indicate the cetane number;

Input standard density and mid-boiling point can obtain the cetane index, and can calculate the accurate cetane number

Few oil sample need (150ml each time), short testing time(1min)

Technical Specifications

Measuring range 1. Aviation gasoline: 87.0~105.0/MON
2. Motor gasoline:GB standard: 70.0~110.0/RON

Judgement: 60.0~120.0/RON

Blended: 75.0~120.0/RON          Light: 50.0~80.0 /MON

Isomerism: 87.0~108.0/RON         Arene: 95.0~120.0/RON

Ethanol: E93: 92.0~95.0/RON        E97:95.0~99.0/RON

3. Motor gasoline:25~75/CN ( cetane number)

20~80/CI ( cetane index)

Accuracy  Aviation gasoline: ≤± 1.5/MON
Motor gasoline:  ≤±1.5/RON; ≤± 1.5/MON
Motor diesel:  ≤±2.6/CN;  ≤±2.6/CI
Sample regression retest:  ≤±0.5/RON; ≤±0.5/MON
Sample regression actual test:  ≤±1.5/RON; ≤± 1.5/MON
Calibration accuracy:   ≤±0.2/RON

(confidence level 95%): reproducibility≤±0.5/RON; repeatability:       ≤±0.2/RON

Min resolution 0.1/RON; 0.1/MON
Response time: 1S
Measuring time LCD display, storage, print
Power supply AC(220±10%)V;(50±1)Hz
Working condition 10℃~35℃; Relative humidity≤85%
Overall size  330 mm×240 mm×180 mm, without sensor330 mm×240 mm×230 mm, with sensor


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