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Full Automatic Surface / Interfacial Tension Meter

surface interfacial tension meter

Standards: GB/T 22237-2008,  JB/T 9388-2002,  JB/T 18396-2001, SH/T 1156-95, GB/T 6541 – 86,  ISO 1409-1995,  ISO 6295-1983, GB/T 5549(ISO304-1985), ISO14090-82, ASTM D1417,EN14370,ZB2025-93, GB2960-82,GB6541-86 6.  


  1. Both Pt board and Pt ring two methods are to be used
  2. When using Pt board test, the displayed value is the surface tension value
  3. When using Pt ring test method, the indicating value auto lock the sample max force value, then the software will calculate the surface tension value
  4. Pt ring size: wire radius 0.185mm, ring radius is 9.55mm, ring circle length is 60mm
  5. When using Pt ring test method, it meets the below standards: GB/T 22237-2008  JB/T 9388 – 2002  JB/T 18396-2001  SH/T 1156-95  GB/T 6541 – 86  ISO 1409-1995  ISO 6295-1983  GB/T 5549(ISO304-1985), ISO14090-82, ASTM D1417,EN14370,ZB2025-93,GB2960-82,GB6541-86 6.
  6. Full automatic measurement, avoid human error
  7. Full scale automatic calibration, good repeatability
  8. Full scale onekey reset, stabile zero point no drift
  9. Independent work, no need any other auxiliary device
  10. When using Pt board, can measure the liquid surface tension or interfacial tension, for those samples that including surfactant or volatile substance, the surface tension will vary by time, this function is much more practical( the software can real time display the test curve, can obtain the tension vary detailed status)
  11. When using Pt board test method, can automatically test the surface tension of middle or high viscosity liquid sample
  12. Attached multi kinds of temperature control parts, meet different test requirements
  13. Can supply tailor made as per customer requirements

Technical Specifications

Model QBZY-1 QBZY-2 QBZY-3
Test mode  Pt board or Pt ring, or both
Pt ring size wire radius 0.185mm, ring radius is 9.55mm, ring circle length is 60mm;
Operation mode Sample stage automatically lift, full automatic measurement
Display mode  Wide view angle backlight LCD display
Test range(mn/m) 0~600 0~400 0~200
Onekey reset range(mn/m) 0~600 0~400 0~200
Sensitivity(mn/m) 0.1 0.01 0.001
Accuracy(mn/m) 0.1 0.02 0.01
Repeatability(mn/m) 0.1 0.02 0.01
Full scale automatic calibration Standard equipped
Accuracy automatic calibration Standard equipped
Temperature automatic compensation Standard equipped
Data output interface RS232 / USB2.0
Data processing software Standard equipped
 Sample constant temperature range 0~110℃, ( need to equip sample constant temperature cup and constant temperature bath)
 Test time Low concentration sample: Pt board method: 3-5s, Pt ring: 40-60s

Standard Configuration

Main machine 1set Alcohol burner 1pc
Pt board or Pt ring 1pc Tweezers 1pc
Sample dish 2set Operation manul 1pc
Standard weight 1pc Certificate 1pc
Warranty card 1pc
Optional parts Pt board, Pt ring, constant temperature bath, constant temperature bath, temperature measuring device

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