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Full automatic Rockwell hardness tester

300hrss-150 automatic full rockwell hardness tester

Model: 300HRSS-150


This automatic Rockwell hardness tester adopts close-loop control on testing process, it’s a new type hardness tester. It can clamp the sample automatically, the pressure head will clamp the sample before contact the sample, the first measure is effective, it can track and measure the impress actual depth automatically, which avoid the affect of frame & sample deformation against the impress depth, it can loading initial testing force, main testing force with no impact, and won’t be effected by the sample volume, shape and weight. The pressure head main shaft can move freely within the range of 50mm. It’s equipped with LCD display, friendly operation human interface, RS232 data interface.


Testing force close-loop control;

Auto-tracking measurement, no measure error caused by frame & workpiece deformation;

Pressure head can move up/down freely, clamp the workpiece automatically, no need for loading of initial testing force;

High precision optical grating displacement measurement system;

Big working platform, can test unusual shape piece, heavy piece;

The first measurement is effective;

LCD display, menu operation, complete function( data processing, hardness transition);

RS 232 data interface;
Can choose upper computer with professional software.

Main specification:

Testing force: Rockwell 588.4, 980.7, 1471N

Surface Rockwell: 147.1, 294.2, 441.3N

Testing item: Rockwell HR A, B, C, D, N, T scale (E, F, G, H, K optional)

Reading resolution: 0.1 HR measure head move range: 50mm output: RS232 inner interface

Sample Allowed max height: 300mm

Pressure head center to wall distance: 150mm

Overall size: 1000 x 600 x 450mm

Power supply: 220V,50Hz,500VA

Weight: approx 125kg

Main accessories

a. Big flat platform: 1 no

b. Diamond conical pressure head: 1no

c. Small flat platform; 1 no, 1/16” steel ball pressure head: 1 no
d. V shape testing platform: 1 no, standard Rockwell hardness block: 5pcs

e. Standard surface Rockwell hardness block: 6nos

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