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Full Automatic Oil products distillation tester


Model: PDT110

Standards: ASTM D86,ASTM D850 GB/T6536,GB/T 7534,ISO3405


This model distillation tester is suitable to test natural gasoline, car petroleum, aviation petroleum, air injection fuel, special fuel, solvent of special boiling point, naphtha, naphtha solvent, kerosene, crude gasoline, distillate fuel and other similar petroleum products. Operators only need to fill the oil sample into flask, then place the flask and measuring cylinder into instrument, start the distillation program then the test will process automatically.

Technical specifications

Standards ASTM D86,ASTM D850 GB/T6536,GB/T 7534,ISO3405 Storage temperature -20~50℃
Test temperature range RT~370℃ Temperature testing accuracy 0.1℃
Working voltage AC 220v, 50hz Cooling mode Semi-conductor refrigeration
Total power 2500w Absolute safe temperature 400℃
Heating power 1000w Liquid level max tracking ability 12ml/min
Cool bath, recycling chamber temperature 0℃~60℃free controllable Volume measuring resolution 0.1ml
Working temperature 0℃~40℃ Indicating resolution 640×480
Display Colorful lcd, 10.4″ Weight 55kg
Overall size 565×515×660mm(l×w×h)

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