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Full automatic Cement curing tank

Cement curing trough

Model: HWC-S600Z

1. Description

This curing tank is used for curing of cement in laboratory. working principle: the constant temperature unit can control the water temperature inside the constant temperature water cabinet, then through the circulation pump and constant temperature water piper to the interlayer, and conduct the heat to the water through the stainless steel. independent temperature control sensor is installed in every trough, the sensors are directly placed in the water, the temperature control unit can control the water temperature within the range of 20±0.3℃ by control the action of circulation water pump and solenoid valve, the temperature fluctuation is ±0.5C

2. Technical specifications

  2.1: Cement curing trough type: HWS-S600Z

2.2. Basic function: refrigeration, hot pump heating, auxiliary heating, automatic control

2.3. Working voltage: 220VAC/50HZ

2.4. Refrigerating power: 735-1500W

2.5. Heating power: 980W

2.6. Temperature control range: 20±0.3

2.7. Humidity accuracy: ±0.3

2.8. Overall size: 1300*680*2230mm (can freely match)

2.9. Machine volume: 3 layers, 2 slots in every layer, 100pcs/slot, so totally can accommodate 600pcs cement specimens.

2.10. Room condition requirements: area about 15m2, equips 220V power, 3 KW power supply, water supply and water out.


3. Allocation plan and features

Independent refrigerating (heating) unit, independent microcomputer temperature control, high temperature control accuracy of curing water. The curing trough temperature won’t affected by laboratory and ambient temperature, the laboratory temperature can be adjusted according to human body comfortable degree.

Different slot in same room can has different curing temperature, it means the curing temperature can be regulated as per the specimen request within a certain range.

Use water as the direct conduct medium, reach higher conduction efficiency and speed, achieves energy saving.

Troughs can keep their independence from each other. Thus enable multifunctional application for the machine.

When the ambient temperature is too low, use PTC ceramic heating parts to offset the temperature, this can resolve the temperature fluctuation problem when machine frosting, also has higher energy efficiency.

Because use water as the conduct medium, then reach uniform distribution conduction of water, thus guarantee high stability of water good temperature uniformity.

The machine can connect with computer through the RS-232/485 serial port, the computer can edit and print the data(optional)

All stainless steel made, full-automatic control, high accuracy temperature control of 20±0.3℃,independent work of each curing slot.

This is a completely self-control equipment, it not only can heat, but also can refrigerate. The former type curing cabinet can only heat, can’t refrigerate, so once the water temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, the curing cabinet then can’t cure the specimen as standard, only can use air conditioning to regulate the air temperature to lower the air temperature to lower than 20℃, then through the air conduction to make water reach the constant temperature requirements. because the room temperature is uneven, so each slot water temperature are also not the same, also the water in each slot has layering, so the water temperature in same slot is also not the same.

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