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Freeze dryer

freeze dryer

Model: GZL-10


The freeze dryer is mainly used to storage the products that are easy to dehydrated, after filled with water, the product can recover to the initial status, no effect of biological activity; reach to dry status under very low temperature, the protein keeps waterless, but other main chemical bond keeps constant quality. The freeze drying is the best way to storage the biological tissue.


Germ, virus, plasma, serum, antibody, vaccine, vegetables, snake venom, flowers, fruit, dendrobe, worm grass, health care products, drug, microorganism, yeast, Plant Extract etc.

Main features

Danfoss compressor for refrigeration

Cold trap large opening, no inner disc, with sample pre-cool function, no need low temperature refrigerator

7 inch true color LCD control system, easy to operate, powerful function, English operation menu, indicating working status by graph and digital, indicate working time, condenser temperature, sample temperature, vacuum degree, also record the dry curve.

Embedded industry system, ARM9 core control circuit, 32M RAM 128M flash, fast response, mass storage capacity, equipped with USB communication port

Control system automatically save the test data, and can be reviewed by real time graph and historical graph

The drying chamber is made by one time injection moulding process of transparent PC material, corrosion resistant, breakage proof, no adjesion, good leakproofness, easy to observe the whole working process.

Vacuum pump and main machine are connected with international standard KF quick coupling, easy but reliable.

Below optional parts

  1. imported vacuum pump
  2. vacuum degree adjustable,
  3. cold trap with electric heating defrost, shorten the work period
  4. inflation valve filled with inert gases
  5. Eutectic point test
  6. Double-unit cascade cooling system

Technical specifications

  1. Cold trap plate temperature:<-56℃,-80℃(optional)
  2. Vacuum degree: ≤5pa
  3. Dry area: 0.12m2
  4. Water catch capacity: 3-4kg/24h
  5. Plate volume: 0.8-1.2l
  6. Material plate: ф180mm, totally 3 layers
  7. Material plate space: 70mm
  8. Total power: 950w
  9. Overall size: 640×410×(370+430)(mm)
  10. Penicillin bottle capacity:
  11. Ф12mm: 560pcs
  12. Ф16mm: 285pcs
  13. Ф22mm: 165pcs
  14. Dry time: when the material thickness not over 10mm, the dry time is normally 24 hrs
  15. Dry bottle: 8pcs at a same time, has below 4 types: 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, can combine on request, can freely replace the bottle during working, can dry different kinds of samples at a same time, fast dry, shorter time, easy operation.

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