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Intelligent Forced Air Drying Oven 250 Degree C

forced air drying cabinet


◆ The oven inside is made of stainless steel, the cover is made of high quality steel plate, it has nice appearance and rational structure.

◆ The micro-computer temperature controller has temperature control protection, digital display, it also has timing function.

◆ The hot air circulating system is comprised of fan and channel, with uniform temperature inside.

Technical specifications

Model 9023A 9053A 9123A 9203A
Power supply 220V  50Hz
Temperature control range RT+10-250℃
Temperature  fluctuation ±1℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1%
Input power 800W 1000W 1600W 2100W
Inner size 300×300×275 415×370×345 554×370×524 600×550×500
Overall size 620×490×490 700×610×520 840×570×730 800×750×800
Timing range 1-9999min

Noted terms:

1. Firstly check the air pipe connection to avoid any leakage.

2. The power supply should be earthed well.

3. When the temperature sensor is inside the furnace, it should be handled in care, to protect the instrument accuracy won’t be damaged.

4. The temperature and timer have been set well before delivery, if need further adjustment, please refer to the manual.

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