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Flakiness And Elongation Index Gauge

Flakiness And Elongation Index Test Gauges


The Flakiness And Elongation Index Gauge is used to determine the applicability of coarse aggregate used in the cement and concrete mixture, it can determine the percentage of the aggregate that over than 4.75mm size( needle or flake). Aggregates which are flaky and/or elongated will often lower the workability of a concrete mix and may also affect long term durability. In bituminous mixtures, flaky aggregates make for a harsh mix and may also crack and break up during compacting by rolling. The flakiness of aggregate is determined by measuring the thickness of individual particles. This apparatus can test the the thickness  and length thus to check flakiness and elongation index of the aggregate respectively.

Technical Specification

Particle size(square hole) 4.75mm-9.5mm 9.5mm-16mm 16-19mm 19-26.5mm 26.5-31.5mm 31.5-37.5mm
Corresponding column space on needle-shaped gauge 17.1mm 30.6mm 42mm 54.6mm 69.6mm, 82.8mm
Corresponding hole width on flakiness gauge 2.8mm 5.1mm 7.0mm 9.1mm 11.6mm 13.8mm

Needle-shaped gauge baseplate size: 348.7mm*20mm*5mm(L*W*H)

Flakiness gauge size: 240mm*120mm(L*W)

Net weight: 3kg

Other equipments for test

Electric scale accuracy >0. 1%, standard sieve 4.75mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 26.5mm, 31.5mm, 37.5mm



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