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Fine aggregate methylene blue test kit

copy digital display Methylene blue value tester

Standards: EN933-9/1999


The Methylene blue test kit is used to determine the swelling clay mineral content in fine aggregates thus to evaluate the aggregate purity degree.

The methylene blue test is used to test whether there is expansile clay minerals and measure the content thus to evaluate the purity of aggregate, expressed by MBV. This test is suitable for aggregate size less than 2.36mm or 0.15mm, if the 0.075mm sieve through rate less than 3%, then no need to do this test.

Technical specifications

Power supply: AC 220V, Max rotation speed: 600±10 RPM

Minimum rotation speed: 400±10 rpm

Vane diameter: 75mm±10mm

Vane number: 4pcs

Flask volume: 1000ml

Vane diameter: 75mm±10mm

Auxiliary equipments for Fine aggregate methylene blue test

  1. Methylene blue purity >=98.5%
  2. Pipette 5ml, 2ml one each
  3. Electric stirrer, rotation speed adjustable, 600±60rpm, vane number 3 or 4, vane dia. 75±10mm;
  4. Forced air drying oven controlled temperature 105±5 degree c
  5. Electric balance: 1000g/0.1g, 100g/0.01g
  6. Standard sieve 0.075mm, 0.15mm, 2.36mm square hole, one each
  7. Container depth over 250mm
  8. Glass volumetric flask 1000ml, stop watch accurate to 1s, glass rod 300*8mm(l*dia.) 2pcs, thermometer accurate to 1 degree c, flask 1000ml, others quantitative filer paper, enameled tray, brush, clean water

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