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Fine aggregate Angularity test apparatus

Angularity apparatus


The angularity test apparatus is used to evaluate the fine aggregate surface roughness and structure, thus to access their applicability for asphalt mixture.

The angularity test apparatus upper part is a cylindrical volumetric flask made of metal or plastic, volume no less than 250ml, the lower part connecting a metal cone type funnel with size 38mm height and cone angle 60±4 degree, smooth funnel inside, flow out hole opening dia. 12.7mm ± 0.6mm. at the lower side of the apparatus place a cooper made receiving container with 100ml volume, I.D 39mm, height 86mm. the container is embedded on the 6mm thick metal plate, filled with epoxy resin between the container and baseplate. At the metal plate center there is a pit used to align with the holder.

The angularity test puts specific amount fine aggregate go through a standard funnel and then put into a standard container, then test the avoid ratio, that’s we call it as the fine aggregate angularity, expressed in percentage. This angularity test apparatus can test the natural sand, machine sand, aggregate chips which will be used for pavement.

Technical Specifications

1. Circular cone funnel angle: 60°±2°

2 .Funnel open dia.: 12.7mm±0.3mm; 100ml3

3. Container: 100ml±5ml

4. Tank distance: 115mm±1mm

5. Tamper rod dia.: 25mm±0.5mm

6. Tamper rod weight: 340g±5g

7 .Net weight: 9kg

8 .Overall size: 310×310×500 (mm)

Auxiliary equipments for angularity test

Standard sieve: mesh 4.75mm, 2.36mm square sieve, Electric scale 0.1g accuracy, drying oven 105 degree C±5 degree C, glass plate 60*60*4mm(L*W*T),straightedge with blade 100*20mm(L*W), enameled tray, brush.


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