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Field CBR tester

field cbr tester for road testing

Model: FCBR-1


This CBR tester is used to test the roadbase material CBR value in  field, the max loading power is 60KN, it’s a kind of very common road instrument.

Technical specifications

Hydraulic jack: 100KN

Proving ring: 60KN

Penetration rod: Φ50mm x 200mm (L)

Bearing plate: 1.25Kg/pc, 4pcs total

Measuring device: platform and dial gauge

Other devices needed for Field CBR test

1. Loading device: loading car with iron weight or other heavys, the rear axle weight should no less than 60KN, there is a beam as counter-force frame for loading.

2. Field testing device: jack, dynamometer(proving ring or dial gauge), ball seat, the jack can regulate the penetration rod speed to 1mm/min. the dynamometer capacity should no less than the soil matrix strength, the measuring accuracy no less than 1% of the dynamometer.

3. Penetration rod: dia. of 50mm, length of 200mm, metal cylinder.

4.Bearing plate: 1.25kg/pc, Φ150mm, centre poreΦ 52mm, no less than 4pcs, semi-circle type.

5. Measuring device: platform and dial gauge, dial gauge: 20/0.01mm, 2pcs, symmetrically installed on the penetration rod, the end is contacting with the platform, the platform span should no less than 50cm.

Note: This device also can be replaced with the Beckman beams deflectometer. 6. Fine sand: dry and clean fine sand, the grain dia. is 0.3~0.6mm.

7. Others: steel scoop, plate, straight ruler, hairbrush, balance.

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