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Fabrics Air Permeability Tester

ASTM D737 Fabrics air permeability tester

Model: FT-461A

Standards: ISO 9237, DIN 53887, JIS L1096, ISO 9073, ISO 7231,ISO 5636, BS 5636, ASTM D737, GB/T 5453, GB/T 2624,  GB/T 13764, GB\T 18422


The Fabrics Air Permeability Tester is used for air permeability test of various kinds of fabrics, including industrial fabrics, non-woven fabrics, it’s kind of common fabrics testing equipment.


Flow meter test mode, full scale selection, precision sensor dynamic measurement, 32-bit processor automatic calculation, test results direct reading;

Colorful touch screen display, menu setup, test unit freely switch, directly print and output(cfm,cm3/ cm².s,mm/s, L /d m².min,L/m².s, m3/ m².min etc.)

International brand fan controlled by frequency motor, less noise and high efficiency

Full sealing wind channel, no error effected by ambient condition

Pore platen auto switch to meet different range

Automatic process of sample clamping & release

Continuous test mode for higher test efficiency

Can be connect with computer and operated through test software(optional)

Can connect with printer and output test report

Flow meter full scale automatic calibration, built-in data correction program.

Technical specifications  

Pressure range 0.1~4000Pa, self setup
Air permeability test range 0.1~40000mm/s
Test error ≤±1%
Sample pressure difference 0.1~500Pa(or 1~5000Pa)
Accuracy ≤1%
Textile thickness ≤15mm
Pressure regulation dynamic feedback regulation
Sample area 20cm(5cm2,50cm2,100cm2,Ф50mm(≈19.6cm2),Ф70mm(≈38.5cm2
Overall size 600×800×1200mm    (L×W×H)
Net weight 65kg
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz

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