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Servo-controlled Fabric high pressure permeability tester

servo control high pressure fabrics permeability tester

Model: FT-812S


It’s used to test the impervious performance of various kinds of fabrics which have been treated with waterproofing work under high pressure.

Standards compliance

GB/T4744-1997, ISO811, FZT01005, AATCC 127.


1. Dynamic feedback regulation of pressure can protect the pressure too high;

2. Wide Pressure rise speed and stepless regulation, direct setup in menu;

3. Several kinds of testing modes available, easy to analysis the products other performance

4. Panasonic servo motor and driving system, 16 digits A/D transition.

5. All aluminum alloy structure, type: bench type.

Technical specifications

1. Range: 50Kpa, 1000Kpa equips two steps sensors, increase test accuracy

2. Sensor protection: automatic overload protection( multi-sensors auto-switch range)

3. Pressure display resolution: 1/10000

4. Sensors testing accuracy: ≤1%

5. Sample area: 100cm2

6. Pneumatic clamp: 0-300000N(step-less adjustable)

7. Pressure rise speed: 0.01Pa~10KPa/min

8. Working power: Ac 220V 50HZ 200W

9.Overall size: 420×580×700mm(L×W×H)

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