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EV2 Static Deformation modulus tester, Static Plate loading tester

Ev2 static deformation modulus tester

Model: DMT-S100


The static deformation modulus tester( Ev2) is used to measure the roadbed sedimentation value under static load, thus to assess the roadbed bearing capacity and deformation, it’s suitable to used for raiway, highway, airport. It’s very important pavement testing instrument.


Imported sensors and parts guarantee high measuring accuracy

LCD display with backlight for high visibility

Automatic calculation of Ev1,Ev2 and Ev2/Ev1 value, and display curve

Built in K30 test program, fast test the subgrade coefficient

Portable main machine equipped with Bluetooth micro-printer,

USB data interface easy for connection with computer 

Technical Specifications

Application Soil type The soil and soil aggregate mixture with size not larger than 1/4 of the plate dia.
Pressure range 10MPa-225MPa
Effective depth Normal condition 500mm
 Measure device Bearing  plate  Diameter 300mm
Thickness 25mm
 Weight 17.5kg
Loading device Hydraulic pump 100KN
High pressure tube 2m
Oil cylinder extensible rod 1*40mm,  1*90mm,  1*120mm, 1*160mm, 2*60mm
Sedimentation measure device Structure Three point frame, flexible and rotary lever arm, adjustable base
Dimension 2320mm
Net weight 12.5kg
Electric sedimentation meter Net weight  0.8kg
Overall size 100*205*40mm
Screen size 3 inch
Storage amount 400 groups testing curve
Power supply Lithium battery, 18hrs continuous work time
Transducer Pressure transducer 100KN,
Displacement transducer 25mm, 0.01mm
Printer Wireless Bluetooth printer
Working ambient  Working ambient -10 ~ +40
Humidity <85%RH
Main machine case Material Engineering plastic
Net weight 7kg
Overall dimension 470 360
External packing case Case 1 Material Aluminum alloy
Weight 72kg
Overall dimension 1410
Case 2 Material Aluminum alloy
Weight 32kg
Overall dimension 1270

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