Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

DE series Electric theodolite, Surveying instrument

Electric theodolite


The theodolite is used to test the level angle and vertical angle, it’s widely used in civil engineering surveying area, it’s a kind of very common surveying instrument.


• Absolute coding angular surveying system, intelligent angular measuring, stable working performance.

• Double-faced LCD, clear display, easy operation.

• Highly integrated circuit board, high quality IC parts, imported CCD sensor.

• Steel shaft, imported lubricating oil grease, metal enclosure, long tooling life.

• Independent inclination sensor, automatic error calibration

• Sealed water-proof telescope

• Coaxial type locked screw and fine-tuning screw, easy for measuring.

• International used mode, easy and simple operation.

Technical specifications


Imagine Erect image
Amplification rate 30X
Objective effective aperture 47mm
Resolution ratio 3.75”
Field angle 1o30′
Shortest sighting distance 1m
Visibility multiplying constant 100
Lens cone length 162mm

Angular surveying

Mode Absolute coding(incremental mode optional)
Accuracy 2″, 5″
Min. readout 1″,5″,10″
Angular unit 360°, 400gon, 6400mil
Vertical angle 0°, Zenith 0°, Horizontal angle 0°

Spirit Level

 Long spirit level 30″/2mm
 Round spirit level 8′/2mm
 System Liquid condenser type
 Working range ±3′
 Resolution ratio 1″

Centring unit(laser and optics optional)

Optics centring unit

Imaging Erect image
Amplification times 3X
Focusing range 0.3m~∞
Field angle

Laser centring unit

Laser wave length 650nm
Laser power 5mw
Laser degree
Effective measuring distance 0~3m
Spot size 1mm/1.5m


Power supply Rechargeable Ni-MH
Voltage DC 6V
Continuous working hours BDC1800mAh approx 10 hours


Working ambient temperature -20℃~+45℃

Size and weight

Overall  size 180X166X355mm
Center  height 232mm
Weight 6.5kg

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