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Electric sand equivalent Apparatus

SD-2 electric sand equivalent shaker

Model: SDL-2


The Electric sand equivalent apparatus tests the fine aggregate purity degree by testing the cohesive soil and impurity content. It’s suitable to test the asphalt mixture, concrete, natural sand, manufactured sand, aggregate chips, the aggregate maximum diameter shouldn’t over than 4.75mm. It’s a kind of common aggregate testing instrument.

The electric sand equivalent apparatus is comprised of below

  1. Graduated Transparent cylindrical tube with rubber plugin, O.D. 40±0.5mm, I.D. 32mm±0.25mm, height 420±0.25mm,
  2. washing tube: a bended hard tube made of stainless steel or cold forging steel, O.D 6mm±0.5mm, I.D 4mm±0.2mm, a switch on the tube upper side, a stainless steel cusp with hole at two sides, the hole dia. 1mm±0.1mm.
  3. transparent glass or plastic bucket with volume 5L, with a siphon tube placed in the bucket, the bucket base higher than the workbench by 1m
  4. rubber or plastic pipe: approx. 1.5m in length, I.D 5mm, with metal clamp to control the flush flow
  5. Weight piston: comprised of rod 440mm±0.25mm, base with diameter 25mm±0.1mm, sleeve, weight. There are 3 horizontal screw can keep the piston at the cylinder middle position and keep there is little gap between piston and cylinder. Sleeve made of brass of stainless steel, thickness 10mm±0.1mm, there is a screw bolt to fix the piston rod, weight 1kg±5g
  6. mechanical shaker can let the test tube move horizontally, amplitude 203mm±1.0mm, frequency 180±2 times/min.

Technical specifications

1. Power supply: 220V±10 50HZ

2. Power: 180W

3. Oscillation frequency: 180times/min

4. Amplitude: 203mm

5. Self timing: 30S

6. Overall size: 560*320*360mm

7. Test tube inner diameter: 32±0.25mm, height: 420±0.25mm

8. Flushing pipe outer diameter: 6±0.5mm, inner diameter: 4±0.2mm

Auxiliary equipments for sand equivalent test

Drying oven 105±5 degree C

Stop watch

Standard sieve 4.75mm


Wild-mouth bottle: glass or plastic bottle, dia. 100mm

Steel plate ruler 50cm with graduation 1mm

Measuring cylinder 500ml, flask 1000ml, plastic bucket 5L, Flask, brush, dish, scraper, scoop

Reagent: analytical Calcium chloride anhydrous, content >96%,

Analytical glycerinum content >98%

Analytical formaldehyde content >36%

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