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Drilling Fluids PH Meter

drilling fluids ph meter

Model: PHS-25


Portable type PH meter, LCD display, can indicate PH, temperature. It can measure the water PH and potential value, if has ORP electrode can measure the ORP value, if has ion selection electrode, can measure the electrode potential value.

Technical specifications

1. Accuracy degree: 0.1%

2. Measuring range:

Ph: (0.00~14.00) pH

mV: (0~±1400)mV( automatic polarity indication)

3. min display unit:0.01 pH, l mV, 0.1℃

4. Temperature offset range:(0.0~60.0)℃

5. Electric unit basic error: pH: ±0.05pH

mV: ±1%FS

6. Basic error: ±0.1 pH

7. Electric unit input current: <1×10-11A

8. Electric unit input resistance: >3×1011Ω

9. Temperature compensator error: ±0.05pH

10.Electric unit repeatable error:

pH: 0.05pH

mv: 5mV

11. Repeatable error: <0.05pH

12. Electric unit stability: ±0.05 pH±l  word/3h

13. Overall size: 135×75×25mm

14. Net weight: 0.3kg

15. Normal working condition

a)  Temperature: (5~40)℃

b)  Relative humidity: <85%

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