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Door And Window Physical Performance Testing Equipment

door and window physical performance testing equipment


GB/T7106-2008(Construction external door and window air tightness, water impervious, wind pressure performance testing method)

Technical specifications

  1. Power supply: AC 380V, 12KW, 50hz
  2. Water impervious performance: 100-1000L/h, accuracy 2.5%
  3. Air tightness test range: 0.1~630m3/h, accuracy 1.5%
  4. Wind Pressure range: ±5000Pa, accuracy: 0.5%
  5. Displacement measurement: 0~50mm, accuracy: 0.05mm, resolution: 0.01mm
  6. Spray nozzle: built in nozzle, 48pcs
  7. Integrated type water tank, no water spray on the ground
  8. Diaphragm use electric lifting way, higher efficiency
  9. Full computerized control, frequency control, less noise, power saving
  10. Pressure transmitter made by China Kangyu company, flow sensor made in Austria
  11. Displacement sensor made in Guilin, grid-capacitance type, digital signal, high accuracy, strong interference performance, low failure rate
  12. Pneumatic direction change system, accurate action, low failure rate
  13. Plenum chamber backboard is stainless steel board, base covered with stainless steel platen, water tank integrated with the base.

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