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Digital textiles water permeability tester, Fabric permeability test apparatus

digital textiles permeability tester



It’s used to test the impervious performance of various kinds of textiles( Canvas, coatings, cover cloth,  tarpaulin, geotextiles etc.)  which have been treated with waterproofing work.

Standards compliance

GB/T4744   FZT01004   AATCC 127   DIN 53886   JIS L1092  ISO811


1. Micro-Computer control, LCD menu, 5 testing method inside

2. Water tank build-in, unique water pressure rate balance system, accurate and stable rise speed.

Technical specifications

Model Testing range accuracy  Water pressureRise speed  Sample clampHead area
-5 500pa-50kpa 0.2%F.S 1kpa-20kpa 100cm2
-20 500pa-200kpa 1kpa-30kpa
-50 5kpa-500kpa 1kpa-100kpa 7.8cm2(optional)
-100 Tailor made

2. Test mode: pressure rise method; constant pressure timing method; constant pressure constant time method; relaxation method; leaking method.

3. Test unit can be freely set(pa, Kpa, mmHg, cm H2O)

4.Working power: Ac 220V±10%  50HZ  100W

5.overall size: 550×400×500mm

6. Weight: 50kg

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