Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Digital Rain Gauge, Rainfall meter, Hyetometer

Digital rain gauge

Model: YLZ-01

Standard: SL21-1990


Automatic measurement & data acquisition, unattended operation

Data automatic collection, automatic transmission

Suitable to be used under different weather conditions

High sensitivity, high accuracy

Easy installation, easy adjustment, easy calibration

Pulse output, RS-485 real time rainfall volume output, can connect with data collector, RTU, computer or other devices, automatic data acquisition and transmission

Technical Specifications

  1. Rain tube diameter: Φ200+0.60mm, edge angle: 40~45°
  2. Resolution: 0.1mm
  3. Rainfall measuring range: 0.01~8mm/min
  4. Measuring accuracy (within 0.01~8mm/min):

When rainfall <10mm, measuring error: ±0.2mm;

When rainfall≥10mm, measuring error: ±(0.2mm+1%F.S)

  1. Output signal:
    1. RS-485 port, output real time accumulated rainfall, rainfall encoder truth value, alarm signal
    2. Pulse interface, relay output contactor connect every 0.1mm rainfall, connecting time is 100ms, min interval is 400ms, contact capacity ≤24VDC/0.2A
  2. Storage capacity: > 3000mm 0r 18months
  3. Power supply: 12VDC±15%
  4. Working temperature: 0~+50℃
  5. Working humidity: ≤95%RH(40℃)
  6. Volume: Φ220×560mm (Dia.*H)
  7. Net weight: 4Kg

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