Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Digital Manual spring testing machine

Digital manual spring testing machine

Model: TLY-S


Test types: compression, tension, free height, residue height, displacement, deformation, peak value, rigidness, strength

Suitable batch test in production line and lab test

Data storage, query, print

Displacement and load free reset

Test report directly print

Programmable alarm and mechanical limit double protection

Technical specifications

Model TLY-S500 TLY-S1000 TLY-S2000
Test range 0-500N 0-1000N 0-2000N
  (0~50kg) (0~100kg) (0~200kg)
Load accuracy 0.01/0.1N
Displacement accuracy 0.01mm
Stretch space 270mm(can be heighten)
Compression space 270mm(can be heighten)
Max space 250mm
Platen diameter Φ110mm
Accuracy degree ±%1 / ±%0.5
Deformation indicating value relative error ≤±(50 0.15L)µm , L (mm)is the distance between platens
Positioning device Place positioning device for fast separation of spring
Control mode Manual loading, automatic test
Overload protection Mechanical limit, program control alarm
Net weight 74kg
Power supply AC 220V±10% / 50Hz
Overall size 600×380×810(mm)

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