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Digital Manhole Cover Sewer Cover Compression Testing Machine

digital manhole cover compression testing machine

Model: JGY-1000


This machine is manufactured and designed according to the relevant industry and GB, ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN standard, it’s used to test manhole cover bearing capacity. It’s suitable to test the manhole cover made of cast iron, regenerating resin composite material, steel fiber concrete.

Standards: CJ/T3012-1993, CJ/T121-2000, JC889-2001, GB/T23858-2009.


High stiffness main machine

Loading oil cylinder located on upper side

Spherical hinge connection between rigid pad and piston, guarantee true bearing force measured

Special sealing material between piston and oil cylinder, reaches high sealing, low friction, long tooling life

Professional oil pump for testing machine, low noise and longer tooling life.

Ultrafine oil filter guarantee clean oil and fluent oil piping.

Digital display of current force value, peak value, test process information

Technical specifications

Max test force 1000KN
Test space 1500mm×1500mm×1500mm
Structure mode  Upper location
Load accuracy ≤±1%
Piston stroke 200mm
Overload protection point 2%F.S
Load indication accuracy 0.1KN
Hydraulic oil 68# abrasion hydraulic oil
Power 1.5KW
Power supply 380V/220V, 50HZ
Main machine Overall size 1800mm×1500mm×1300mm(L×W×H)
Main machine weight 4000kg

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