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Digital Liquid Plastic Limit Apparatus

TYS-1 soil liquid plastic united testing apparatus

Standards: JTG E40-2007, ASTM D4318-05

Model: TYSX-1


The digital  liquid plastic united testing apparatus is used to determine the soil liquid and plastic limit, thus to classify the soil type, natural consistency, plasticity index. This apparatus has digital display, self-timing, it features stable working performance, reliable results, high testing accuracy, easy in operation. it’s widely used in soil testing laboratory.

Technical parameters

1. Cone weight: 76g±0.2g and 100g±0.2

2. Cone angle: 30°±0.2°

3. Test depth: 0~22mm

4. Testing accuracy: 0.1mm, approximated read: 0.05mm

5. Cone abrasion check: 0.3mm

6. From cone drop to read time: 5s

7. Electromagnetic adhesion: >100g

8.Power supply: AC 200V±10%

9. Consumption power: 25W

10. Volume and weight: 300×160×280mm, 5kg

Liquid Plastic Limit United Test Accessories

1. Soil sample cup

2. Electric balance 200g/0.01g

3. Sieve(0.5mm opening), scraper, container, meausuring can, mortar, dryer, sucker, Vaseline



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