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Digital Fabric Pick Counter

digital fabric pick counter


Model: FT-511E

Standards: GB/T4668, ISO 7211.2 


The digital fabric pick counter is specially used to test the fabric pick count. With portable high definition camera to acquire fabric photo, equipped with professional analysis software, thus can test the fabric pick count on computer easily.


Can let 3 yarn as a unit to measure, thus also suitable to test high density cloth.

Processed by professional software

Portable high definition camera with USB port, can directly connect to computer

Freely retrieval of test report, saved in jpg formation

Can measure the size of single yarn or multi yarn

Software can read photos, can re-measure the cloth

Support multi language

 Technical Specifications

1. Probe amplification times: 50~200times

3. Accuracy: 99%

4. Recognition range: 1-400yarn/inch

5. Display mode: pick count/10mm, pick count/inch

6. Average analytical time: 4hz

8. Imaging rate: 40FPS

9. Light source: 4 led lamp, fill light

10. Imported CMOS lens, 2m pixel

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