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Digital display Concrete Dynamic Elastic Modulus Tester


Model: HDTM-20


The dynamic elastic modulus tester is used to test the material strength by measuring its resonant frequency, it’s widely used in metallurgy, construction area to test the concrete, carbon, rock plate, glass, brick, plastics, metals. This model concrete testing equipment is kind of professional equipment to test the dynamic elastic modulus of concrete and carbon, the test process is proceed automatically, it’s kind of common concrete testing equipment.


  • Frequency hopping scan from 100HZ to 20KHZ(rough scan), fine scan accurate to 1Hz
  • Real time display current frequency, resonance peak value, signal strength, direct reading, high accuracy, easy reading
  • Easy operation code switch with good hand feeling
  • Thermal printer built-in
  • Good look precision probe with high impact resistance, sturdy and durable

Technical Specifications

Frequency measuring range 100-20KHZ
Measuring error <2%
Frequency sensitivity 1HZ
Output frequency 0-15W
Data output A. LCD display with PrinterB. Professional analysis software(Optional)
Working condition 0-40℃  RH<90%
Storage capacity 100 units
Working period 8hours continuous work
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50HZ, <60W
Overall size 350*300*100mm

Standard configuration

  1. Main machine
  2. Send-received probe, 1set each
  3. Probe fixing base 2pcs
  4. Probe fix rod 2pcs
  5. Power cable 1pc
  6. Print paper 2coils
  7. Communication port and professional software(optional)

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