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Digital Ceramic Flexural Tester

Model: CF-10S

Standards: GB/T3810.4-2016, ISO 10545-4-2014


This tester is driven by electro hydraulic, constant rate loading. It can be used to test the flexural strength of ceramics, ceramic tube, fire-proof brick; if use suitable clamps, also can test the broken resistance, compression strength of ceramic products.

Technical Specifications

Max loading: 10000n

Specimen size: 100×100~600×600,100×100~800×800,100×100, 1000×1000mm

Loading rate: 5~700 n/s adjustable

Indicating accuracy: 0.5%

Power supply: 380v/3, 0.3 kw, 3ph 4 wire


Constructed With Electric Hydraulic Loading Mechanism, Spring Constant Speed Loading Mechanism, Working Platform, Testing Unit, Indication Part, Control System.

 Working procedure

Firstly choose suitable clamp, place the sample on the clamp; open the oil pump motor, dial the switch to “Loading” place, then the working platform and sample will raise, when the sample contact the upper edge then will start to loading, the loading force will be indicated on the digital gauge, when the sample broken, the gauge will keep the peak value and stop loading; when switch is dial to “Unload”, will lower the working platform and clamp, when switch is dialed to middle position, will stop moving.

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