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Digital bonding strength tester

bonding strength tester

Model: ETNJ-6


JGJ110-97《Building engineering face tile bonding strength test standards》

JGJ144-2004《Outdoor external thermal insulation engineering technical regulations》

JG158-2004《Powder polyphenyl granule external thermal insulation system》

JG149-2003《External thermal insulation system of thin-plastered EPS board 》


This bonding strength tester can test the bonding strength of outdoor tile, thermal insulation material, thermal insulation mortar, paint, coatings.


◆Integration design, embedded intelligent pressure digital display system

◆Special alloy material for ultralight weight

◆Peak value maintain and data storage function

◆LCD display, blue light, ultralow power

◆High speed USB communication port, professional analysis software

Technical parameters

◆ Max. tensile: 6KN

◆ Tensile travel: 10mm

◆ main machine weight: 1.8kg

◆ accuracy degree: 1.0%F.S

◆ power supply: 4.2V rechargeable battery

Main configurations

1. Main machine *1set, including precision sensor detection unit and embedded digital pressure gauge

2. Two groups(3 for one) standard blocks(95mm×45mm/40mm×40mm)

3. Data transmission cable and analysis software

6. Al alloy carrying case

7 Recharger*1pc

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