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Contacting Angle Tester, Water Drop Angle Tester

Contacting angle tester water drop angle tester



This contact angle tester( water droplet angle tester) is kind of standard equipment used to test the solids contact angle( water droplet angle), superficial energy, liquids surface tension. It adopts advanced optical video measuring technology, it transmits the photo taken by precision industry vidicon to computer then process. It features easy operation and multifunctional. It’s widely used for quality test and scientific test in lab, it’s kind of general lab equipment. It meets the ASTM D 724, ASTM D 5946, ISO15969 standards.


1.  Advanced digital camera, high resolution, high accuracy, high definition

2.   Highlight LED light source, uniform lighting, continuous adjustable of the illuminance

3.   Sample feeding system direction adjustable (up down, left right, incline), can easily obtain the required liquid drop

4.  Adopts microscale sample feeding device which can precisely controls the sample feeding quantity

5. 3 dimensional sample desk

Noted: the above functions may vary by different models

Technical Specifications

Model JCY-1        JCY-2 JCY-3     JCY-4
Camera system CCD digital camera +  high performance microscope lens
Highest resolution 1280×1024
Frame frequency 15 or 45/s
Horizontal resolution >850line
Photographing mode single Piece, Continuous single piece, continuous
Light source LED cold light source with brightness continuous adjustable, uniform lighting, more clear image outline, higher resolution
Contact angle analytical method θ/2 method, tangent method, can calculate automatically or manually
Contact angle measuring range 0 ~ 180°
Contact angle measuring resolution 0.01°
Contact angle measuring accuracy 0.1°
Solid surface energy Calculation of single liquid, two liquids method surface free energy, liquid drop quantity, solid cohesive force

Surface tension test method

S-H format method,shape factor
Surface tension measuring range 0 ~ 400mN/m
Surface tension measuring resolution 0.01 mN/m
Sample stage displacement front back: 60mm;  left and right 35mm;  up and down 35mm, sample stage can be adjusted horizontally
Sample stage size 100×100mm

Sample max size

200×200mm or φ200mm

Sample max thickness

Incline platform  Measuring forward angle/backward angle, sliding angle  Measuring forward angle/ backward angle, sliding angle
Sampling mode  Micro sampling device
Constant temperature platform Optional part
Main machine overall size 525×160×450(L×W×H)
Main machine net weight 12kg
Power supply & Power  220, 0.2KW

CONTA 3.0 Analytical software

CONTA 3.0 analytical software, based on WINDOWS XP and Windows 7 system, friend interface, easy operation, multifunctional, high accuracy

Measure the solids surface tension by contact angle method. The automatic calculation functions including: θ/2 method, tangent method, can automatic or manual calculation; left and right contact angle comparison; multi points contact angle comparison

Single liquid, two liquid surface free energy, liquid drop quantity, solid cohesive force calculation

Dynamic contact angle analysis, continuous photographing, automatic recording under different time, perform forwarding angle, backward angle, incline angle, rolling angle analysis

Pendant-drop method measures the liquid surface tension, latest function including: S-H format method, shape factor method

⑤   Software-hardware combination horizontal calibration method, can find the horizontal baseline accurately and easily;

⑥   Test results saved in database in report format, can be compressed and backup, can generate EXCEL document automatically;

⑦   Test environmental setup, liquid dictionary maintenance

⑧    Software illuminance correction function

Standard Configuration

1. Main machine, 1pc

2. Manual micrometer head sampling device, 1pc

3. Micro sampling device 2pcs

4. Data cable, 1pc

5. Data cable,1 pc

6. Certificate, 1pc

7. Warranty period, 1pc

8. Operational manual, 1pc


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