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Concrete comprehensive durability tester

Model: HNJ-AR

Standards: GB/T 50082-2009, JTG/T B07-01-2006, ASTM C1202, AASHTO T277-05, NT BUILD 492, EU -Project CHLORTEST G6RD – CT – 2002 – 00855, CEN TC 51(CEN TC 104)/WG12/TG5


This instrument can perform concrete chloride ion penetration test and chloridion diffusion coefficient test, thus to assess the concrete chloridion resistance rapidly. It’s kind of advanced concrete durability test instrument.

1. 32-bit embedded ARM core guarantee high speed processing ability
2. 6.4 Inch LED industry touch screen, high definition, easy in operation.
3.16-bit high speed ADC inspection, linearity error reach 100PPM degree
4. Calculation function built-in, input parameters in lower computer can calculate test results automatically;
5. Short-circuit automatic protection design
6. Independent breakpoint protection function with each channel, can resume from the breakpoint after recovery.
7. Imported material made for fixture
8. Smart integration vacuum water saturated device

Technical specification

Output current accuracy: ±0.1ma, 16-bit AD acquisition

Temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃

Working voltage: 220VAC/0-60V (±0.1V), adjustable, patent 12-bit self-adjusting voltage technology

Power supply voltage: AC220V±10 /50Hz

Test channel: 6/12

Equipment specifications

Main machine size: 390*375*190(mm)

Main machine weight: 6kg

Overall size: 420*540*250(mm)

Water saturated machine: 32kg

Water saturated machine size: 750*680*400(mm)

Electric flux part weight: 9kg

Electric flux part overall size: 440*350*210(mm)

Diffusion coefficient parts weight: 9kg

Diffusion coefficient part overall size: 610*270*260(mm)

Total weight: 55kg

Standard configuration

Main machine

Sample fixture

Smart water saturated machine

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