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Computerized Drain Pipe External Pressure Testing Machine

Drain pipe external pressure testing Equipment

Model: DPP-500W


The drain pipe external pressure testing machine is mainly used to test the external pressure of drain pipe made of concrete, rebar concrete material, three points mode, controlled by computer. It’s kind of professional material testing machine.


Electric screw rod for beam lifting, easy for different pipe diameter

Sectional combined type of Lower support beam, easy for different pipe length

Machine base made of concrete, level with floor, easy for different drain pipe loading

Computer control hydraulic loading,

Constant loading speed, computer automatic control, loading degree programmable;

Peak value keeping function, data auto record and saving, report edit and print function

Test curve and data can be recorded and print output

Limit switch protection of beam and piston stroke to guarantee safe test;

High rigidness of frame

Flexible wheel on control cabinet

Professional test report system, easy edit, easy print output

Force automatic reset function with software

The parameters of each sample can be edited as per actual condition;

Double control system, manual and automatic, freely switch to guarantee normal operation in case that computer not work

Dwell point freely set, each step speed freely set, dwell time freely set, auto-shift to next step after conditions meet

Technical Specifications

Max pressure 500KN, 1000KN
Max column distance 2000mm
Test space 2400×3100mm
Beam adjusting mode electric screw, electric control button, freely adjustment
Beam adjusting range 300mm~2100mm
Beam move speed 100mm/min
Force accuracy ±1%
Test force display mode Computer real time control, real time display of dwell time, rate, force etc.
Force measuring system  Full automatic force measuring system, dual screen display, real time display of test, parameters, automatic storage, equipped with HP colorful printer, test report print, Crack loading automatic identification and record, broken loading automatic recording
Overload protection function

>102% F.S.

Piston stroke


Upper support beam


Harden wood support length

1000+1000= 2000mm

Harden wood support distance

adjustable, rotary type, easy adjustment

Harden wood support fillet


Loading mode

Electro hydraulic

Control mode

computer full automatic system

Power supply

380V±10%, 220V±10%, 50HZ

Net weight


Overall size



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