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Chloride ion penetration tester


Model: HNJ-DTL

Standards: ASTM C1202, AASHTO T277-05, GB/T50082-2009

This tester is used to evaluate the chloride ion penetration resistance of middle and high strength concrete.

1. Microprocessor control, power-failure data protection, high test accuracy
2. Large LCD indication, real-time indication, can work without computer, easy for operation in outside
3. Standard RS232 serial port communication, can generate electric flux test report and curve, also can print and storage
4. Short-circuit automatic protection design
5.Imported material made for fixture, high test accuracy, easy in operation
6. Can sync. test 6/9/12/16pcs specimen at one time 7. Imported ABS & thickened red cooper made for fixture

Technical specifications

Test ability: C30~C50 Portland cement concrete;

Work voltage: ~220VAC/60VDC

Test channel: 6/9/12/16;

Work ambient: 0℃~50℃, ≤75%RH

Test error: <1%

Work current:0-360ma

Equipment specifications

Main machine size: 385*345*145mm

Net weight: 5 kg

Main machine overall size: 530*200*420mm

Water-saturated machine weight: 32kg

Water saturated machine overall size: 750*680*400mm

Electric flux part weight: 9 kg

Electric flux part overall size: 440*350*210mm

Total weight: 46 kg


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