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DTM series Total station, Surveying instrument

dtm100 total station


The total station is widely used in civil engineering surveying area, it can measure the level angle, vertical angle,  distance, altitude difference fast and accurately.


a. Infrared distance measurement technology

b. Absolute coding/ incremental angular-surveying technology

c. Easy operation

d. Large LCD display

e. Abundant measuring program

f. Massive data storage

g. Road design, setting moudle

Technical Specification

Model DTM-102NC DTM-112NC
Measuring distance
Measuring range Single prism 1800m Visibility 23.5km
Triple prism 3200m Visibility 23.5km
Accuracy ±(2mm+2ppm·D),±(3mm+2ppm·D)
Unit  (m)/(ft)
Minimum display 1mm
Measuring time Accurate test: 2s/timeTracking: 0.5s
Angular surveying
Mode Incremental| Absolute coding
Optical grating dia. 79mm
Min readout 1”
Detection  mode Horizontal plate Diametrical
Vertical plate Single
Accuracy 2”
Imaging erect image
Lens cone length 172mm
Objective effective aperture 48mm
Amplification factor 30X
Field angle 1.5°
Resolution ratio 3.75”
Min focusing distance 1m
Dip angle compensator
System Homotaxial liquid compensator
Working range ±3′
Resolution ratio 1”
Display part
Type Double-faced, 240X160 graphics lattice LCD display
Data transmission
Interface USB, RS-232C
Storage capacity Over than 16,000 point
Centring unit Optics/laser centring unit
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery, DC7.2V, 3000mAh
Continuous working hours Over than 10 hours
Overall size 168X165X348mm
Weight 6kg
Working temperature -20℃~50℃

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