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Cement test ball mill, Cement clinker grinding miller

light cement ball mill

 Model: SQM-500


 This mill is used to grind the cement clinker, it’s an indispensable equipment in cement factory to test the cement clinker physical strength and chemical characteristics, also it can be used to grind other materials. It posses the traits of compact structure, easy in maintenance, easy in operation, reliable working performance, good seal, low noise, it can stop automatically.


The grinding machine is comprised of the shielding cover, grinding barrel, supporting base, control cabinet.

1. Shielding cover: made of iron plate, consisted of upper and lower chamber, the door is on the chamber, the grinding door is demountable, there is hopper at the bottom to receive the grinded material, the shaft is sealed by felt-ring seal to protect the dust from flying around.

2. Grinding barrel: it’s comprised of made barrel, face plate, stripper plate, bearing, bearing base, coupling, gear reducing motor

3.Supporting seat: it’s a structural component consisted of U-bar to support the grinding barrel and cover, there is 6 Φ28 foundation bolt holes reserved to fix the machine.

Technical specifications

Grinder size Φ500*500
Grinder RP 48r/min
Loading capacity 100kg
One-time loading capacity 5kg(cement clinker)
Allowed material grain size <7mm
Grinding time -30min
Motor power 1.5KW
Voltage & Frequency 380V 50Hz
Grinding ball quantity(self-preparation) Steel ball Φ(mm) Quantity/pc Weight(kg)
40 40 60
50 33
60 22
70 8
Forging Φ25mm * 35mm 40

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