Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Automatic Surface Tensiometer / Interfacial Tensiometer



Model: BZY

Standards: ISO14090-82, ASTM D1417,EN14370,ZB2025-93, GB2960-82,GB6541-86, ISO 1409-1995, ISO 6295-1983    


The Surface Tensiometer / Interfacial Tensiometer is used to test the liquids surface or interfacial tension, it’s kind of common general lab testing equipment, it’s widely used in various industries.


Pt ring test principle

Manual sample stage lifting

Peak value auto maintain

Onekey operation full scale reset, zero point stable and no drift

Full scale automatic calibration

Can test multi kinds of liquid interfacial tension value, such as oil / water;

Independent work, no need any auxiliary equipment

RS232C interface

Technical specifications

Test mode Pt ring method
Pt ring size Wire radius 0.185mm, ring radius 9.55mm, ring perimeter
Operation mode Sample stage manual lifting, automatic measurement
Test range 0-400mn/m
Sensitivity 0.01 mn/m
Measuring accuracy ±0.04 mn/m (test the  20℃ distilled water two times, difference with the document value)
Repeatability ±0.04 mn/m (test the 20℃ distilled water when two times, difference with the document value)
Digital display Wide view angle backlight LCD display and need conversion

Test sample temperature range

15~60℃(need to purchase constant temperature tank and trough)
Test time 30-90s for low concentration sample
Container capacity Min 15ml
Data output RS 232Cserial port or USB data interface
Power supply AC220V, 1A
 Model  Test mode  Measuring  range  Measuring  accuracy  Accuracy  error Repeat error  Sample constant

temperature range

 Wind shield
 Platinum board 0-600mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0-100℃ No
 Platinum ring 0-600mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0-100℃ No
BZY-103  Board/ring 0-600mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0.1mN/m 0-100℃ No
BZY-201  Platinum board 0-400mN/m 0.01mN/m 0.04mN/m 0.04mN/m 0-100℃ Yes
BZY-202  Platinum ring 0-400mN/m 0.01mN/m 0.04mN/m 0.04mN/m 0-100℃ Yes
BZY-203  Board/ring 0-400mN/m 0.01mN/m 0.04mN/m 0.04mN/m 0-100℃ Yes

Some Applications

 Printing ink  Analysis the printing/coating tendency, wetting ability, for quality control
 Clean agent  Analysis the surfactant absorption speed, characteristics, thus to obtain the suitable concentration
Fluxing liquid  Study the gather and diffuse behavior  ability
 Cosmetics  Analysis the emulsion or the a suspending gent dispersity, stability, wetting ability
 Electroplate  Analysis the wetting ability for quality control
Chinese medcine
Analysis the Absorption, disperse, stabilize ability
 Oil paint Disperse, stabilize, wetting ability
 Transformer oil, petroleum Surface tension value has great relevant with the oil purity degree and operation oil degradation condition
Water treatment waste water treatment, water analysis


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