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Automatic sulfate dry-wet cycle testing chamber

concrete sulfate dry-wet cycling test chamber


Standards: GB/T50082-2009


The concrete sulfate dry-wet cycling test equipment is used to test the concrete sulfate corrosion resistance under dry-wet alternant environment, by means of the max withstanding times, the test will process in automatic way, it’s kind of professional equipment for concrete durability test.


1. 7 Inch colorful LCD, touch screen operation

2. Human friendly interface, screen real-time display conditional curve

3. Built-in printer real-time print test data

4. Us made ph sensor

5. Imported whole-sealing compressor, low power consumption and noise, stable performance

6. Solid-state relay, no electric and magnetic field interference, guarantee long-time stable performance

7. Upper computer software can batch import test data to computer, also can control and print conditional curve

8. Su307 stainless steel made, better durable and corrosion resistance

9. Valves, pipes, sensors, recycling pump, solenoid valves, liquid storage device are all applied with corrosion resistance design

10. High grade heat-insulation rock wool for heat-insulation

11. Power-failure recover function

 Technical specifications

Model HLSY-18 HLSY-36
Type Automatic integration Automatic integration
Specimen capacity 100×100×400  18pcs 100×100×400 36pcs
100×100×100  54pcs 100×100×100 108pcs
Sulfate corrosion temperature 25~30℃
Heating dry temperature 80±5℃
Cooling temperature 25~30℃
Test accuracy ±0.5℃,liquid level ±3mm,PH value: ±0.01PH
L*W*H(mm) Overall size:1520*970*1190
Specimen cabinet:1000*620*720
Liquid storage cabinet:1000*620*200
Screen 7 Inch touch screen, smart one-key control
Specimen size(mm) 100mm×100mm×100mm
Heating insulation layer thickness 100mm
Total power 3.5KW 3.5KW
Heating power 2KW 3KW
Refrigeration compressor Imported whole-sealing compressor
Cooling mode Air cooling, medium: R-22
Recycling pump Corrosion resistance chemical pump
Recycling medium Na2SO4 solution(5%)
Medium filling amount Liquid level 20mm higher than specimen
Recharging 3N220V  50Hz
Process Soak time:15h±0.5h; flash off time:1h±0.1h; drying time:6h±0.1h; cooling time:2h±0.1h; total cycle:24h±2h
Net weight 210KG 230KG
Specimen support 2pcs 3pcs
Temperature sensor US made temperature sensor, 1pc
PH sensor US made composite type, 1pc
Liquid level sensor 304 stainless steel, high temperature corrosion resistance
Transmission mode Remote wireless transmission set, 1set
Manual and warranty card 1pc
Upper computer software disc 1pc
Desk computer Optional

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