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Automatic softening point tester

Asphalt Softening point tester ring and ball apparatus

Standards complaince: ASTM D36, T0606-2000

Model: LY-0606


The softening point tester, also called as the the ring and ball apparatus, is mainly used to determine the softening point of asphalt, coal pitch, also it’s suitable for resin and grease. It’s widely used in universities, factories, research institutions. It’s kind of very common asphalt testing instrument in laboratory.


1. LCD display, compact size;

2. High automation, easy in operation;

3. Automatic/manual two test method available;

4. PID control ( If use water as heating medium, temperature control accuracy reach to 5.0±0.2°C/min).

Technical specifications

1. Temperature measuring accuracy: 0.1°C

2. Temperature testing range: 5-130°C±0.5℃

3. Temperature resolution: 0.01℃

4. Ball diameter: 9.53mm

5. Ball weight: 3.5±0.05g

6. Temperature raise speed( 3mins later): 5.0±0.2°C/min ( water medium), 5.0±0.5°C/min ( glycerinum medium)

7. Temperature raise mode: PID+fuzzy logical algorithm control, magnetic power for stirring

8. Time accuracy: 1s

9. Ball fall distance: 25.4mm

10. Heating Power: 0.8kw

11. Protection degree: IPV4, spray-proof

12. Ambient temperature & Humidity: 5-35°C; ≤ 85% RH

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