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TGJ-A2 Dual Gang Full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus

full dual gang automatic consolidation apparatus

Model: TGJ-A2

◆Technical specification

Force apply: 0-4.8KN when in middle pressure (0-1600KPa); 0-9.6KN when in high pressure (0-3200KPa)

Accuracy: error ≤±1KPa when 0-100KPa; relative error ≤±1.0% when in (100-3200KPa)

Sensitivity: when in middle pressure ≤1KPa; when in high pressure: ≤0.5KPa

Free regulation of zero point, loading time: <1s

■High pressure container

Stainless steel material, frame structure, compact size, light weight, easy to load sample, fast joint connection, easy in dismount and maintenance, easy to use in field. Unique double-piston design, use small piston when in light load, use large piston when in heavy weight, thus can guarantee the force applying sensitivity and accuracy, can replace the regular middle-low pressure consolidation apparatus, reach full-automatic test.

The test is totally controlled by computer, the control program can be updated online, the function also can be extended.

■Precise air pressure controller

Unique air-free pressure-maintaining controller, the controller has no need for external air supply, thus can save air. The control system adopts the exported high quality proportional electric pressure maintaining valve, direct electric convert, high speed, large flow, fast response, good linearity, no mechanical motion, high reliability, durable in use, the loading time only need 1s.the air leakage-proof design can avoid unsteady loading caused by air leakage. Automatic zeroing. the controller can control 2-64 sets container at the same time, and it also can be used as a pressure-maintaining device; with it, the high pressure consolidation apparatus also can do the low pressure test, and even more precise.

■Consolidation test acquisition menu

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