Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Automatic penetrometer

ASTM automatic asphalt needle penetration tester

Standards: JTG E20 T2801

Model: LY-0604


The Automatic penetrometer is used to determine the needle penetration of asphalt, improved asphalt, asphalt residue. With required accessories, also can be used for test the penetration of paraffin, lubrication grease.

a. Multifunction full-automatic needle penetration tester with the most advanced measuring technology.

b. Computerized control on test, the LVDT calibrated by computer guarantee the precision of result.

c. The computer control software can draw and print the needle penetration nomograph, through the nomograph can determine the penetration index PI value; asphalt equivalent softening point T800; asphalt equivalent brittle point, asphalt plastic temperature range ΔT.

d. Advanced lifting device design, easy for regulation.

e. Different standard needle, test-piece jar, thermometer, weights are available to meet different testing requirements.

Technical specifications


Testing range 0-40mm
Needle penetration timing device 5/15/30/60s is optional, time error < ±0.1s
Resolution 0.01mm
Standard needle 2.5g±0.05g
Heater power 200W
Temperature control accuracy (25±0.1)°C (ambient temperature not over than 20°C)
Temperature control mode High precision digital temperature controller
Constant temperature bath Hardened glass jar
Stir Magnetic bead automatic stirring
Standard needle weight 2.5±0.05g, plunger weight 47.5g, weights weight 50±0.05g 1pc
Sample vessel Metal made, flat base, 70×45mm,55×35mm
Thermostatic vessel Glass made, volume >1.5L, height >80mm, built in stainless steel tripod holder to hold sample vessel
Lifting frame Coarse / fine regulation on lifting device, for easy aligning to specimen surface
Ambient condition 5~40℃, ≦85%
Power supply AC220V±10%,50HZ
Overall size 330×20×520mm(L×W×H)
Net weight 7.5kg


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