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Automatic open cup flash point tester

automatic open cup flash point tester

Model: YSD-3536A

Main features

a. Colorful LCD display, Single-chip control, colorful LCD screen, friendly human interface, can preset flash point temperature, specimen code, air pressure, and testing data.

b. Analog tracking indication of temperature rise and testing time function curve.

c. Automatic correction on air pressure influence on testing and calculate the modification value.

d. Differential inspection, system will correct automatically.

e. Automatic sweep, check, print.

f. Friendly interface, easy in operation.

Main technical features

Working  power  AC220V(-10%~+5%), 50Hz;
Temperature   measuring  Range: room temperature-400℃ repeatability: ≤4℃reproducibility: ≤8℃temperature indication resolution:0.1℃
Temperature  rise speed Complies  to GB/T3536 standard
Light  method Gas flame 3.2~4.8mm, (gas lighting method)
Ambient  temperature (10~40)℃
Relative  humidity  ≤80%
Total  power consumption ≤400W
Overall  size  (lifting arm not uplift) 410mm×360mm×310mm(L×W×H);
(lifting arm uplift) 410mm×360mm×420mm(L×W×H)

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