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Automatic Asphalt Breaking Point Tester

automatic asphalt breaking point tester

Model: LY-0613A

Standards: GB/T4510, JTG E20-2011/ T0613


This asphalt breaking point tester is used to test the asphalt Fraass breaking point, it’s kind of common asphalt testing equipment.


This instrument is comprised of tester and low temperature water bath, the water bath is used to cool the tester refrigeration unit
The tester electric bending mechanism load the sample automatically, it can bend the sample once every minute
LCD display, keyboard, function switch, printer are integrated on the panel

Technical Specifications

Cooling way Circulating cooling water
Temperature decent rate 1℃±0.5℃/min
Temperature measuring range -27℃~25℃
Temperature measuring error ±0.5℃
Sample steel sheet specification 41mm×20mm×0.15mm
Sample quantity 3pcs at a same time
Ambient temperature 0℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Power ≤450w
Power supply 220v±10% 50Hz±10%

Standard Configuration
1 Main machine 1set
2 Multifunctional circulating constant temperature water bath 1set
3 Stainless steel sample sheet 6pcs
4 Rubber tube(∅10×1m) 2pcs
5 Thermal insulation sponge (∅15×1m) 2pcs

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