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Asphalt Standard Viscometer

Asphalt standard viscosity meter


Model: LY-0621

Standards: JTGE20-2011


This standard viscosity tester is used to measure the flowing viscosity of liquid petroleum asphalt, coal pitch, emulsified asphalt. High temperature control accuracy, compact structure, nice appearance, microcomputer control, easy operation, high measuring accuracy.

Technical Specification

Annular water trough

160mm* 116mm(ID*D)

Sample tubes

4 holes in 1set, the sizes:

φ10mm±0.025mm, φ5mm±0.025mm,

φ4mm±0.025mm, Φ3mm±0.025mm

Bulb stopper

A: Bulb diameter12.7mm±0.05mm;  nominal height 92mm±0.25mm

B: Bulb diameter 6.35mm±0.05mm;  nominal height 90.3mm±0.25mm

Temperature control range


Control accuracy


Timing resolution

0.1s, max timing value 999.9s

Heating type

PTC electric heating tube heat, circulation bath foam control water temperature

Heating power


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Overall size


Total power consumption


Power supply

AC220±10%V , 50Hz

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