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Asphalt float tester

asphalt floatability tester

Standards: JTG E20 T0631

Model: LY-0631


The float tester is used to test the floatability of the distillation residue of slow setting liquid petroleum asphalt and the coal asphalt. The floatability means that a specimen is placed in specific float tester, then place the tester into a water tank with specific temperature, the specimen will be softened then broken by water, the time interval within this by means of s is the floatability.

Distilled Liquid petroleum asphalt residue test temperature is 50 Degree C, coal asphalt test temperature is 30 or 50 degree C.

Technical features

1. Control accuracy 0.1 degree C of water bath;

2. Tester can be used as constant temperature water bath as well.

Main technical specifications

1. Working power:  AC 220V (-5%~+10%), 50Hz

2. Water bath capacity: (370× 300× 300) mm

3. Suitable water amount: 28L

4. Heating device: electric heater, 1300W

5. Water bath temperature accuracy: 0.1 degree C

6. Temperature control range: 5 ℃~80 ℃

8.Float disc: wall thickness 1.4mm±0.1mm, weight 37.9g±0.2g

9. Copper tube: 1.4mm±0.1mm, weight 9.8g±0.2g

10. Ambient temperature:  ≤30 ℃

11. Relative humidity: ≤85%

12. Total consumption: ≤2KW

13. Overall size: (750×540×580) mm

14. Net weight: 30kg

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