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Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace

ignition method asphalt content tester oven

Standards: ASTMD6307,AASHTO TP53-95BSDD250

Model: LHRS-6


This ignition method asphalt content testing apparatus is designed & made according to the American asphalt technical center (NCAT) Standards(ASTMD6307, AASHTO TP53-95BSDD250), it’s a high precision asphalt content testing instrument. It features eco-friendly, safe, accurate, speedy, stable, and durable in use.

Technical features

1. Use the aerospace heat-insulation material to make the furnace body, thus enable fast preheat, speedy temperature rise, the furnace temperature can rise to standard working temperature of 538℃, it’s much more time-saving.

2. Good heat-insulation, when the furnace inside temperature reach the standard working temperature, the outside temperature is still lower than 45℃, safe in operation, meanwhile this avoid the influence to the electric balance by the high temperature.

3. It has the secondary combustion function, also the high temperature filter, air exhausting system, thus guarantee the waste gas emission meet the environmental protection requirements.

4. Highly automated, easy in operation, operators only need to input the sample weight and the calibration coefficient, load the sample, press the running key, it will print the test data after test.

5. Powerful software, it can indicate the asphalt content, asphalt-aggregate ratio, sample loss weight, test time.

Technical specifications

1. Maximum sample weight: 4500g, recommended sample weight: 1000-1500g 2.Balance accuracy: ±0.1g, balance range: 10kg

3.Combustion chamber size: 350×440×330mm(L×W×H)

4 .Combustion chamber max working temperature: 800℃, standard working temperature: 538℃

5. Automatic check finishing point, the testing accuracy can reach 0.1%

6.Testing time: 20~30mins

7. Power supply: 3 Phases, 380V±10%, current no higher than 20A.

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