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Accelerated polishing machine(PSV)

Acceleration polishing machine

Model: APM-3


The accelerated polishing machine(PSV) is used to simulate the car wheel abrasion to the pavement surface, by accelerated grinding on the aggregate thus to get the aggregate polishing value, and estimate the aggregate abrasion resistance, thus to select suitable aggregate for different road construction requirements, it’s designed and made by complies to the JTG E42-2005 standard, and also absorb the foreign made advantages. It features compact structure, intelligent control. 

The accelerated polishing machine (PSV)polishes the coarse aggregates then use pendulum skid resistance tester to test the friction coefficient, that’s called as the PSV. The machine comprised of transmission mechanism, road wheel, rubber wheel, abrasion material feeding system, water supply system, weights, molds, loading adjusting device, control panel. The road wheel is used to install 14pcs specimen,

Technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC 380V 50Hz,

2. Road wheel rotation speed: 320±5RPM

3. Rubber wheel to the specimen total pressure: 725±10N

4. Rubber wheel size: Φ200×44mm, hardness: 69IRHD±3IRHD

The “C” rubber wheel is used for grind the coarse sand, the X rubber wheel is used for grind the fine sand.

5. Diamond sand (30# brown fused alumina,280#green silicon carbide

Packing list

1. Main machine 1set

2.Accessories  1set(see the list)

3. Quality certificate 1 pc

4. Operation Manual

Accessories list

No. Name Qty Unit
1 Mould 8 set
2 Water tank 1 pc
3 Sliding device 1 pc
4 Water pipe 1 pc
5 Standard specimen 10 pc
6 Asbestos gasket 20-50 pc
7 8×10 Wrench 1 pc
8 76mm ruler 1 pc

Auxiliary equipments for Accelerated polishing test

  1. electric scale, <0.1g
  2. constant temperature drying oven
  3. binder/epoxy resin
  4. acetone
  5. abrasion material/ 30# Brown Fused Alumina coarse sand, 280# green silicon carbide fine sand
  6. rubber asbestos plate
  7. standard aggregate sample
  8. putty knife, rubber suction bulb, etc


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