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4.2Mpa SUS HTHP Filer Press for Drilling Fluids and Cement Mortar

4.2 Mpa SUS HTHP Filter press

Model: GGS42-2


The HTHP Filter press is used to simulate the drilling fluids and cement mortar filtration quantity and to make the filter cake formed after filtration under HTHP condition. It’s kind of common drilling fluids test instrument.


Integrate the Heating and control system as a body

Main parts made of quality SUS, easy operation, mobile, durable in use

High temperature accuracy, good repeatability

Technical Specifications

Power supply 220V±5%  50Hz
Heating power 400W
Max working temperature RT-150℃
Drilling fluids cup max working pressure 4.2Mpa
Filtration fluids max working pressure 0.7Mpa
Valid filtration area 22.6cm2
Air source Nitrogen, carbon dioxide(not include oil, water and other impurity)
Mortar cup capacity 175ml


Difference Between 42-1 and 42-2 model

Model Difference
GGS42-1 model
  1. Drilling fluids cup no through hole
  2. Heating jacket has no heating thermal insulation layer
  3. For general 42 type filtration test
 GGS42-2 model 
  1. Drilling fluids cup has through hole
  2. Heating jacket has heating thermal insulation layer
  3. SUS housing
  4. Can do cement mortar test
  5. Higher heating efficiency

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